Gas equation

From these two laws, we understand that the pressure, volume and absolute termperature of a gas are interrelated, and a change in any one produces a chage in the other two. Consider a given mass of a gas. Let its … Read more

Impulsive force and Impulse

When a sharp knock is given to a door, the moving finger has momentum. Once the door is struck, the momentum of the finger is reduced to zero in a very short interval of time, As a result the force … Read more


Mass Mass is the amount of matter contained in a body. Mass of a body is the measure of inertia. Mass is a scalar quantity. Its unit is kg in SI system and gram in C.G.S. system. Mass of a … Read more


Glass is a homogeneous supercooled liquid. Its very high viscosity gives it an appearance of a solid. Major constituents of glass are sodium silicate, calcium silicate and silica. The arrangement of the constituent particles in the glass does not follow … Read more


When we walk on sand we leave our foot prints in the sand. This is due to the weight of our body which acts normal to the surface of contact – the foot and sand. Similarly when we want to … Read more

Equation of motion

There are three important equations of motion, that is: v = u + at s = ut + 1/2at2 V2 = u2 + 2as Here ‘u’ is the initial velocity, ‘v’ is the final velocity, ‘a’ is the uniform acceleration … Read more


A particle moving with variable velocity is said to possess acceleration. When a particle executes non-uniform motion, its velocity changes. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity. It is a vector quantity. The unit of acceleration is … Read more

Center of gravity

You must have seen a circus artist doing a tight rope walk. Ever wondered how he manages to walk on a rope without falling down and why he stretches his hands or holds a long bamboo pole while doing so? … Read more

Simple Pendulum

A point connected to a light mass is called a simple pendulum¬†suspended with mass and fixed support. Simple pendulum experiment A simple pendulum consists of a particle of mass ‘m’ usually called bob, suspended from a rigid support with the … Read more

Surface Tension

Surface tension¬†is the property of a liquid rest, due to to which the top surface of a liquid contained in a vessel behaves like a stretched membrane occupying minimum surface area. Surface tension formula t = f/l. Si unit of … Read more


Sound is a form of energy which causes sensation of hearing. Sound is produced by vibrating bodies. When a bell is struck with a metallic rod, it produces sound. We can sense the vibrations of the bell while it is … Read more