In dynamics we study the cause of motion of bodies and why they move fast, or slow or remain at rest. If a full or a push is given to a body which is a rest or to a body … Read more


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Energy – Whenever we do any work, we feel tired as we expend some energy. Energy spent appears in the form of work done. Energy is defined as the ability of a body to do work. Energy has the same … Read more


Force can be defined as the physical cause that tends to change the resting position or uniform motion or to change the shape and size of the body. Classification of Forces Forces are classified as contact and non – contact forces. Forces can be applied … Read more


Definition of inertia Inertia – The tendency of an object to resist changes to its state of motion. What is Inertia ? Inertia – This property of the body to continue in its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by … Read more